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Posted By: anon88 Tablet programs - 12/14/14 06:07 PM
I have a Spyrix keylogger for the computer and eblaster for the phone and am more or less happy with both. However, just got a Wifi-enabled Samsung Galaxy tablet (no 3G or 4G ability). Neither Spyrix nor eblaster will support this. Any one have any suggestions or experience with keylogger or other spyware programs for Android tablets?
Posted By: anon88 Re: Tablet programs - 12/19/14 04:18 AM
Here's an update on my search for monitoring programs for the android tablet. Webwatcher turns out to be useless as it only logs website activity using the Chrome browser and no other browser. There is also no keylogging ability. Mobile Spy claims to have full keylogging ability and monitoring of all browsers except in incognito mode. However, huge problem is the app cannot be hidden in the new android kitkat. By default, there is also a notification on top of the page that activity is being monitored, but you can hide this notification as an option under "app info". If anyone has any experiences or insights to share on tablet programs, I'd appreciate it!
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