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Hello Everyone,

I would really love any suggestions on the most reliable android monitoring system. Its my husbands work phone which has firewall. I actually purchased KidsGuard but they didn't send me the download information till months later after I emailed and complained a few times.

What I really need is a great keylogger, android monitoring system that allows:
2 way audio call recording
real time viewing
key logs in stealth/private/incognito mode
no need to jail break or root the phone
Easy installation
Great interface to collect and view the data when not in real time
Good Support

if anyone can suggest something they used that would be great. I just think that if you can record everything on the phone than it may be a false sense of security if they are not being fully monitored.

I have caught my husbands infidelity by having to be very sneaky and now that we are in recovery again, I need to protect myself and make sure he is not still thinking he can have his cake on side and me too.
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