Luke 1:49 (NLT)
49 For he, the Mighty One, is holy, and he has done great things for me.

These are the words of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she greets her cousin
Elizabeth. According to Luke, an angel of God foretold Mary of the birth of
Jesus and that she was to become pregnant and her cousin Elizabeth in her old
age had become pregnant as well. Mary left within a few days to visit Elizabeth
and when Elizabeth saw her she said, "You are blessed by God above all other
women, and your child is blessed." Mary who should have been scared, panicked,
frightened, fearful, because she could have been stoned to death for being an
unwed mother was instead praising God.

Fear is an emotion we have that is a response to stresses in our life. It can
be a normal part of our life in that it prepares us for survival. Most of us as
we approach the edge of a cliff become more cautious from the fear of falling
knowing the danger that lies close to the edge. On the other hand some of us
might get behind the wheel of a car and head down the interstate on a rainy day
at 70 mph. However there is real danger in that situation and yet most of us
have no fear at all in driving a car. And some of us might be in a place where
we are fearful of many things going on around us. Things may feel out of
control and our thoughts are constantly running away with fears. Where ever
you are remember the great things God has done for you. If its driving fast
down the highway, remember the protection He has given when you should have
been fearful. And for those living in undue fear, remember God is able to
overcome problems, for He is the Mighty One. Pray and remember the great and
good things God has done in your life. Always give thanks to God and His Son
for the good in your life.