Proverbs 28:23 (NLT)
23In the end, people appreciate frankness more than flattery.

A person who flatters another may do so and win their favor for a period of time. But eventually the one being flattered may come to the truth and be convicted of sin for their pride and vanity. Under conviction they will find displeasure in the words they have hurt and turn against the flatterer. Those who are frank do so with the pain of being rejected. They may find their honesty is not immediately well received. But once again as the person is convicted of their sin the one who is honest is appreciated for their reproof.

There is a story call the King’s New Clothes, which is about a King who buys some new clothes from a tailor. But the tailor makes up a story about this magnificent set of invisible clothes. Anyone who is wise will see the king dressed in splendor. But those who are fools will see the king just as he is without a stitch of clothing on. Everyone heard of the king’s new clothes, and instead of admitting they saw nothing, they flattered the king about his new clothes so they would not appear to be a fool. Eventually one child spoke up and told the king he had no clothes on. The king quickly realized he had been the fool with everyone around him. We can be covered in sin thinking there is nothing wrong. Some will even go along with you to tell you the sin is ok and you are justified for participating. But there are some who choose “the truth” and state the wrongness of the sin. And eventually just like the king realized he was a fool, the person will realize the foolishness of the sin and despise those who allowed them to continue in it. It might be difficult to confront sin in a persons life, but it’s better for the sin to be confront than for the person to be like the king walking around as a fool. Pray God will give you the boldness to confront sin. Speak up when sin is evident around you and don’t let others fall prey to it.