Psalms 101:2 (Holman Christian Standard)
2 I will pay attention to the way of integrity. When will You come to me? I will live with integrity of heart in my house.

David wrote Psalms to God to praise Him and to also dedicate his life to God. Here in verse 2 David proclaims his intention to lead a life of integrity and that he will demonstrate that intent to his family. But David also recognizes he cannot do this without God’s help, so he longs for God to come to him.

There are many of us who recognize the sin in our lives and we think, “This is something I need to stop.” We go about listing all the problems we encounter and each time come up with an action to prevent its reoccurrence. David did something different. David had a fore thought of a plan of action instead of an after thought. He said he was going to pay attention to the way of integrity and this was going to be a way of life for him. It wasn’t going to be something he just did in public, but it was the way he was going to live in private as well. The plan also included God because David knew he could not fulfill his plan alone. Have you made a plan to live life for God? Pray you will live life according to God’s desire. Ask for His help in fulfilling your plan. Pray you would live in victory.