Mark 10:42-45 (NLT)
42 So Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them. 43 But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, 44 and whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of everyone else. 45 For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

The disciples had become indignant towards James and John for making a request to be seated on each side of Jesus when He came into His kingdom. James and John did not understand the request they were making and neither did the other disciples understand the cost of the request. So Jesus explained to them to be a leader in His kingdom they must first be a servant to others. Jesus had come to serve and offer Himself as a sacrifice. Life was not about ruling, it was about serving.

In the movie STAR TREK II: The Wrath of Khan, the spaceship Enterprise is nearing a catastrophic explosion. The only way for the crew to be saved is for someone to enter a chamber being bombarded with radiation to perform repairs. Mr. Spock, knowing death will be the result of entering the chamber goes in to make repairs. In his dying breathe he tells the captain, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”. This is the point Christ was making to the disciples; a willingness of self sacrifice for the sake of others. They had to learn to be willing to go to the point of sacrificing their own life to care for others if they wanted to lead in His kingdom. How willing are you to give of yourself for others? Pray that you might be a servant to others. Ask God to strenthen your faith to give of yourself. Ask that you might be a blessing to others.