2 Chronicles 27:6 (NLT)
6 King Jotham became powerful because he was careful to live in obedience to the Lord his God.

King Jotham assumed the role as king when he was 25 years old and reigned for 16 years. Jotham followed the good examples set by his father. Because of his obedience to God he became a powerful king.

The Star Tribune in South Dakota reported the execution of a 25 year old man, Elijah Page. He had been convicted for torture and slaying of a teenager who was forced to drink hydrochloric acid during a robbery of the victim’s home. “After the execution, the victim’s mother, Dottie Poage, who witnessed Page’s death, stood before a row of TV cameras and displayed photos of her son at various stages in his life. She spoke of the dreams he had for his life. I told him a friend, a real friend, you have to earn through time and to have trust, she said. He evidently didn’t listen to her on that one, she said. He supposedly came across three guys that he wanted to make a friendship with, she said. Who would ever do something like this to a friend? I never dreamt that I would be dealing with what I’ve dealt with this last seven years.” Two men both 25 years old. One who becomes a good king by following God and the other who followed his friends and fell into trouble that cost him his life. We need to help others see the need to follow God and not follow in the wrong footsteps. Pray for those who are troubled, those who need someone in their life, and those who feel abandoned. Pray others may follow God and not follow the paths of evil.