Micah 2:11 (NLT)
11 Suppose a prophet full of lies would say to you, “I’ll preach to you the joys of wine and alcohol!” That’s just the kind of prophet you would like!

This is a warning about those who follow their own hearts to instruct others. Instead of looking to God for the answers they propose their own. In this verse the false prophet says there is joy in wine and alcohol. They forget to mention the problems and sins that could follow from the abuse of drinking alcohol. Mocking the statement, Micah says, “that’s just the kind of prophet you would like.”

Pyromania is when a person is obsessed with fire and its related effects. It is also an obsession with starting fires intentionally and waiting to see the effects. For the pyromaniac they feel it as a natural compulsion. It would seem unreasonable for anyone to encourage such a person to follow their passions to set fires. For most of us it would seem incomprehensible anyone would lead such a person in the wrong direction towards sin. Yet there are teachers and preachers in this world who would condone things which are wrong just because it seems the majority of people want to follow that path. It’s the same problem Micah had in his day. Prophets would speak favorable of things and not mention the sin that went along with it. Starting a fire might not be a problem, but burning down someone’s home definitely would be. So those problems need to be pointed out. Wine and alcohol in moderation might not be a problem. But for those addicted to alcohol there is a risk of addiction and destruction of family and job. Care must be given in telling people what is right and what is wrong. Pray God would send people committed to telling His truth. Pray people would speak up boldly and defend God’s word when others are ready to let things slide.