Hebrews 13:1-3(NLT)
1 Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters. 2 Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! 3 Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.

The apostle reminds everyone they should love their brothers and sisters in Christ. Also, just by showing hospitality and love to others they could have taken care of angels watching over them; just as Abraham received angels who saved Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah. The apostle reminds them to remember those who are incarcerated as if they were in prison themselves.

Chuck Colson was the chief counsel to President Nixon. Because of his involvement with Watergate he was jailed. Once Chuck Colson was released he began a prison ministry called Prison Fellowship. The ministry reaches out to prisoners and their families. It also attempts to make reforms in the justice system. In 1993 he was awarded the Templeton Prize with a cash gift over a million dollars for his work to advance the causes of religion. The prize money was donated to the Prison Fellowship ministries and he has continued to donate all of his speaking engagement money to the ministry as well. Colson’s work came as a result of his own incarceration. He came to understand Hebrews 13:3, because he had been in prison. We all need to learn to reach out to others and share the love of Christ. We need to love our brothers and sisters who have fallen and show them grace and mercy as God shows each of us grace and mercy. God may have plans for many of those who are in prison. He may take others just like He did Chuck Colson and use them for His glory. Pray for those in prison and ask God to bring blessings into their lives.