Amos 5:10-13 (NLT)
10 How you hate honest judges! How you despise people who tell the truth! 11 You trample the poor, stealing their grain through taxes and unfair rent. Therefore, though you build beautiful stone houses, you will never live in them. Though you plant lush vineyards, you will never drink wine from them. 12 For I know the vast number of your sins and the depth of your rebellions. You oppress good people by taking bribes and deprive the poor of justice in the courts. 13 So those who are smart keep their mouths shut, for it is an evil time.

Amos has been telling the people how they must prepare to meet their God. In these verses the corruption of the people is identified. They have gotten to the point of being unable to judge fairly because of their sins. There are those who scheme to become rich off others, but they will they will not get to enjoy their riches. Justice is lost and the poor and good people suffer. Those who are wise will learn to remain silent as they are wronged because honest answers and complaints will only make things more difficult.

In the news adjustable mortgage rates rise, delinquency in payments rise and new highs are seen in home repossessions. Those who became rich from lending to the poor at rates they knew would eventually become unbearable are finding themselves without a job and their companies folding. People have lost their ability to discern good intents from evil intents. Recently high school students have been arrested for innocently carrying knives in their vehicles they forgot was there. They face the possibility of loosing their future dreams as they receive felony charges. A 4th grade child arrested and handcuffed after handing over a knife to her teacher that her mother packed in her lunch to prepare her sandwich. It would have been better for her to have remained silent than to try and do what was honest and right. A state arrests 11 of its public officials for taking bribes and promoting fraudulent insurers. As you look at the events that are unfolding are they much different from the ones Amos described? Pray God would bring revival to this nation. Pray justice and discernment might once again prevail. Pray for the poor, the injured and the suffering that God would be with them.