Proverbs 19:2
2 Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.

Throughout Proverbs King Solomon provides good wisdom on relationships, life, and ethics relating to morals and work. In this verse King Solomon discusses running off to perform a task before you have even thought about it. In most businesses today there is a reinforced effort for people to plan. Project plans are created to show details of work, people needs, material needs and critical paths. There are even sayings related to King Solomon’s quote, such as “failure to plan is planning for failure.” People do see the truth in the words of wisdom God gave him. Unfortunately they do not always apply them in all the ways they can. While Proverb 19:2 could be about work, it could also be about relationships. Maybe you have a little bit of information or just an assumption, but it is enough to create emotions like anger or rage towards someone. Without a plan and without proper information you run to the person because you want to express your emotions with this little bit of knowledge you have. You angrily confront them and make accusations towards them. Then suddenly they stop you as their anger has risen and fill in the details you didn’t know and desperately needed to hear before coming to a conclusion. Now with all the information in front of you there is a realization you have made a mistake. It’s time to apologize, but you have already caused injury and pain. So next time take the time to gain complete knowledge of something before you act. Understand what you need to know, because in your haste you may make mistakes you regret. Pray for wisdom, understanding and grace to lead you ahead.