Proverbs 29:1 (NLT)
1 Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism will suddenly be destroyed beyond recovery.

These are the words of King Solomon as he points out how stubborn those are who turn themselves over to wicked ways. Often there have been attempts by parents, friends, courts, pastors and even God to turn them from their destructive paths. Yet as the Hebrew words say, they have hardened their neck against the warnings placed against them by their sins. Those who continue in this way should expect a destruction of their lives and no hope for recovery.

Over many years there were warnings about the inadequacy of the levees protecting New Orleans from flooding. For years the Army Corp of Engineers, state and federal officials ignored the potential risks. Appropriations for the levee system had been cut multiple times because the government considered the costs outweighed the risks. Even as people were being warned the city might not be safe many elected to stay and some even partied through the night thinking with Hurricane Katrina behind them the worst was over. Although warnings were repeated over and over many lost their lives and the city was devastated to a point almost beyond recovery. Often warnings are given to us about our personal lives. We hear someone telling us the disasters which wait ahead, but we ignore them thinking our sinful enjoyment outweighs the risks. Then disaster takes place and we realize we should have heeded the warnings we were given, but now it’s too late. Pray you will be open to hear the reproofs and rebukes of others. Pray you will consider God’s words and apply them as a guide to your life. Pray that you might not harden your neck, but instead be ready to flex when needed.