Proverbs 18:5 (NLT)
5 It is not right to acquit the guilty or deny justice to the innocent.

Here we find Solomon speaking about justice. The just will seek to reprove those who administer justice in perverted manners. Solomon says it is not right to acquit the guilty, because then the innocent are robbed of their justice.

Imagine if you were held up at gun point by a robber and were told to hand over all your money. Because you don’t see anyone coming to assist; you decide the best option is to comply with the robber. You pull out your wallet; hand over the money to him. Then you watch as he runs away. Later the police apprehend the robber and you go to court hoping to find justice. After all your life was put in peril and you did loose the money you had worked hard to earn. The defense attorney calls you to the stand and asks you, “When this man asked for your money did you just hand it over to him and put it in his hand?” You reply, “yes” not getting a chance to explain. The judge then orders that because you handed the money to the robber he is not guilty, because it could have been the same as helping a homeless person. The case is then dismissed. Now I ask, would you feel denied justice? Would you feel the robber had victory? I am sure you agree the answer would be yes. Now think about the many people who are hurt by others every day and no one turns to help them. The innocent start to believe they must be the guilty party because no one is taking a stand to make things right. As Christians we are to love and forgive, but we are also to uphold justice and make sure the innocent are not denied their rights. Pray just and right leaders will be put in places of authority where they can help the innocent. Pray these people might have wisdom to apply justice as God would have them do.