In my reactionary mode, *your* post rubbed *me* the wrong way, but then once I really thought about it, I realized your view is exactly what my view would've been on a situation like McB's and my own, BEFORE my adultery, and what happened in the aftermath.

It is almost so unbelievable, that I don't even like to bring it up much here... because a lot of people just don't fathom it. Can't fathom that some of these BH's actually count their OC as a very personal blessing, sent straight down from God. It doesn't make sense, does it? It goes against human nature. But *some* of these OC's are the vessels that brought about the restoration of the M, when seemingly, nothing else could. Not to mention the pure joy that many of these BH's find in loving a child, who they don't "have" to love. And the love and joy these children GIVE... I can't even explain, because again it seems so unbelievable. Anyway...Satan must surely give a big huge shrug and say, "say WHAT?!?" when the situation unfolds in that manner. Definitely not what he had in mind, hey?

Plus medc, I think you're blurring the sin together with the child. No, a child should NOT be produced of an A, because there shouldn't be an A in the first place. But God doesn't make mistakes, so all children, including all OCs are meant to be, even though the *way* they were conceived was not meant to be, nor pleasing to God at all.

(sorry for the tj Pep)