HI everybody.

McBecca is been an inspiration to a lot of people here.
PEP beat me in starting a praise thread for her.

Now let’s remember she is still extremely vulnerable and emotional right now.

IMHO I don’t think we should question her belief.

Without talking about the sin or what she did, she knows it was wrong.
And I believe she will recover.

Now the OC could have been the reason the A ended and could be the reason
Becca and her H got closer together. No body knows.

I don’t think I would have taken her H’s position and raise the child as my own.
But I will never know.

When you look into a newborn's eyes, when you hold a newborn in your arms,
Your oxytocin level goes sky high, either you are a man or a woman.
When a mother breast-feed her new born her oxytocin level rockets too.
And we all know that oxytocin is the love hormone, it ‘s in us to keep parents
Together while the kids need them together.
So you see maybe this is the reason they are recovering or on their journey to
And you know what “ God work in mysterious ways”

The truth is we will never know, and everybody’s opinion is only an opinion.
If Becca believes what she believes then it’s valid for her it’s her truth, and if it’s the only
Thing that is helping her do the right thing so more power to her.

So let’s not argue with her belief and let’s not pick it apart.

We all could be right, but do we want to be right or help Becca with her recovery?
So let’s keep this thread for praising Becca, and start another one for arguing about
The subject.

MY 2 cents.


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