I do state my stuff then I get carried away.

My stuff I shared with her last night.

Rain I just want my pain to stop,I thought that nothing could hurt me more, until
I got served, and the pain and fear doubled, I saw the kids names on the summons and
I started crying.

The pain I’m in is unbearable, I wonder how I get up in the morning, and go to work.
I have no safe place to be at, I’m alone at work, and it’s been slow lately, I turn the TV on
And put the volume up to kill the silence, then I come home and I feel that I’m not wanted here, I feel like an old piece of furniture, that you are tossing away, I feel
Like a stranger in my own home.

And I ask myself why is this happening to me?
And I hear your words from a while back,” when you are nice people walk all over you.”
And this is what you are doing.
Rain I don’t hate you, I hate your choices, I actually still in love with you, I know you wonder why, I wonder why too.

I fear the kid’s pain when their world is going to be turned upside down.
I fear not being able to protect them all the time; they are to young to ride this,
I fear for their safety if or when other partners come into our lives, I know that
Nobody will love them and care for them as much as we do, but you know that.
They need both of us all the time, but you know that too.

I don’t know why you are doing this, do you?

OH and Becca how is she going to see OM's true colors,with
only a limited amount of contact? I don't see it happen.

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