You both need professional help.

In spite of what you think you want, you are probably too different to make it.

I tried to have a LTR /engagement/planning marriage with an affair partner. I am a conservative Catholic multi-degreed man who had been with 2 women total. She was an ex-hippy liberal spiritual but not religous woman who wouldn't admit how many men she had bedded.

The biggest thing we had in common was being bi-polar, (and liking sex). But two crazy people are not an ideal couple.
Someone needs to be in touch with reality at all times.

We were actually building a house together. Then it all came apart over my waking her up early on a Sunday.
Now she says she regrets even having a relationship.

I believe that some people are just not meant to be together. I'm just glad it ended before we got married & built the house.