So, he came home (late) and was friendly. He commented on how nice the house looked, complemented how nice I looked, and was excited to see he had a "Welcome Home" party awaiting him. A delicious home-cooked meal was being placed on the table as he walked in the door. The no-sex-rule was broken ... YEAH! As we lay in bed last night, he asked what we're going to do. I told him that ultimately that was his decision, but I truly think it is worth it to save this marriage. We talked about it for a few minutes, calmly and kindly. I apologized and told him that I am willing to help him through this, be there for him, and do whatever it takes.

This morning, he told me he was sorry for confusing things by cuddling with me and having sex with me ... I gently told him to quit forcing not being close to me. If it comes naturally to be close to me one day and distant the next, that its ok and it is part of this process. After that he cuddled up for a few more minutes before we absolutely had to get up. It was nice.

I am still having concerns about this other woman, though.

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