So now I am really confused. I called on my way home from work to let him know I was on the way - he was busy and stressed and it got taken out on me. He said he was busy and would see me when I got home and hung up on me. I decided to give him a little space when I got home and just start cleaning up and hanging out with DD. Then he asks me to come talk to him while he showers. He told me that today was lonely for him and he was overwhelmed. I acknowledged how hard it is to have days like that. He asked if I still love him ... I told him that I have never stopped loving him. He told me he was worried I've written him off ... I explained that he is the one who wants to get a D and that I am just trying to what he asks of me. But I was sure to let him know that I've not written him or this M off and I will continue to fight for both.

So here we are again. Last night he's definitely leaving after school is out. Today he's lonely, wants to be assured I love him, and is concerned I've given up. I just don't know what to do anymore. The minute I realize that it probably really is over, he does/says something to make me think there's still a chance. What do I do?

Happily Recovered from Double Infidelity! \:\)
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