I knew it was right to bite my tongue on that one! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I am definitely doing those things. I think I mentioned before, but maybe not, that he asked me to quit saying "I love you". Although I occasionally slip and say it, it has been more important to SHOW that I love him by my actions. He has commented on what a good person I have become through IC and sees that I am committed to keeping up the self-improvements. He has agreed to MC with the Harleys, but won't commit to a time/date. I get that he feels the need to punish me and that what I did hurt in many ways. But I feel like though he says things like "I'm questioning whether leaving is the right decision" and agreeing to MC, his actions are saying otherwise.

I can't stop fighting for this M ... as long as we're still living together (and probably after) I will keep up my fight for reconciliation. I just feel like I am doing everything and still hitting a brick wall.

Happily Recovered from Double Infidelity! \:\)
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