I hope he doesn't! I am both excited and nervous about our session tomorrow. Yesterday he actually checked to be sure we were still on for this ... it was nice. I think he's looking forward it, but for the wrong reasons.

When he got back in town yesterday, he ignored me. When we went on a walk together with DD, he wasn't really nice. So I told him that he was being rude and argumentative, probably a LB, but I just couldn't hold it in. After that, I went on about my day. I played with DD, read some of a book, and got DD to help me with dinner. By dinnertime, he was being nice again. Ignoring him seems to be what gets his attention - weird! He ranted and raved about dinner and thanked me for all my work around the house.

But, then after dinner, he went for a run. He did this on Saturday too. HE TOOK THE CELL PHONE WITH HIM! There are several reasons that he would do this:
1. In case of emergency
2. To prevent me from snooping
3. To make calls he doesn't want me to hear

The reason doesn't matter, its just weird and suspicious behavior. Especially after he was going through my cell phone yesterday afternoon ... but I can't go through his! I suppose I understand the need to go through mine - and I am being transparent. But why is what's on his phone such a secret???

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