I know what you mean.

When I was having my affair, the cell phone was my life line to the OW.

My wife could not get within 10 feet of my phone. Guarded it with my life.

Now that she has turned the tables and is having an affair of her own, her phone is hung around her neck, 24/7

It's like a new appendage. Part of her body.

Naturally, it is locked with a password which I was able to reset but in so doing, all the data was deleted. Not much help to my cause at the time.

She has since moved out, so that leaves very little room for cell phone snooping but I managed to get phone records from the company, and sure enough....endless calls and texts to her OM while we were together and ongoing while we were apart.

Revenge is a dish best not served. This has put incredible pressure on the marriage. (what marriage, lol)

I have faith that God will restore us. I suggest you do the same. Pray! This is a scary time and you have a lot of trouble ahead. A lot of painful days coming your way and you need incredible strength to face these monsters.

My situation has been going on for three months and is barely showing signs of improvement. I just exposed to the OMW on Saturday. Counting on God for a miracle now.

As for the therapy. My WW did agree to go counseling with me at one point but her angle was "therapy for acceptance of separation" while mine was "therapy for saving the marriage"

Needless to say, it did not go very well at all! She even met with the OM after the sessions at a location walking distance away from the therapist's office.

Just so you know. Be STRONG!

Me FWH - 29 WW - 29 2 Kids; Boy 9, Girl 1 year WW - EA/PA Nov 2006 - Current (Approx 16 weeks and ongoing) Me FWH - EA/PA Nov 2006 - February 2007 (Approx 12 weeks, NC achieved) WW Separated 11 Dec 2006 MC Dec 2006 (About 5 sessions, did no good save for a list of ENs) Currently working on saving the marriage. My Ongoing Story of Double Infidelity