TFC,I am so sorry!Now we can really relate!Everyone keeps saying don't give up,but it seems to get worse and worse!How can you find strength when there are no steps forward!I am almost positive my H is seeing somebody,or at least talking to somebody cuz he came into my work last night and was talking with one of my girlfriends and she asked him about a wedding he was going to in May where the girl he kissed is going to be and if he was going with her and he said if it happens it happens,if not no big deal!I think that this particular girlfriend knows more than she is letting on,and I sent her a text this morning telling her that I would be really hurt if she knew something and wasn't telling me!I also sent my H a txt reminding him he was a M man and if he wanted to be single or was having an A I deserved to know!No response!I am truly discouraged and feel like giving up!I am so tired of feeling this way!I love my H so much,but he has become someone I no longer know and nothing I do seems to get through to him!