LostBoy - thanks for the support, I def need it today.

Pep - you are always tough, but right ... I just haven't figured out which Plan I need to initiate. (After reading that, I think I will stick in Plan A for a bit.)

Believer - this was my thought too, especially since he is already blowing it (and prob on this OW).

So, he called and told me that he had talked to his mom and agreed for us to have dinner with his parents tomorrow to "celebrate our anniversary" and asked that I pretend that everything is ok (they don't know yet). I'm unsure about doing this, but I guess there is no harm in it? He is coming over tomorrow to spend time with DD, I asked if he was leaving after dinner. He said he hadn't really thought about it, but could he at least stay until she goes to bed. I told him that would be fine. He then mentioned staying here ... I think he needs to decide if we are separated or not. If so, he needs to leave tomorrow. If not, he can stay but must commit to working on the M. Am I on target here or am I being too harsh since I am FWW???

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