2. Your time here with DD will be spent doing things with her, not relaxing. If you didn't get enough sleep, that is your problem.

Is that YOUR house? No. It is both of your house and also both of your daughter. You have no right to tell him what he can and cannot do in his own house or with his own daughter. Until you have a LEGAL separation you cannot restrict his access to the house and based on your actions... YOU should never restrict his access to his child.

If you are still set on separation, then you will need to take your things with you when you leave. I will tell DD in the morning that you had to get to work early and you can still pick her up after school.

Again... not your call as to what happens in your jointly owned house.

After DD goes to bed we will need re-discuss our separation - we need to have specific terms if this is what you want.

2 X 4 incoming here. Where do you get off being so demanding?

PERSONAL Boundaries....

Things like, I will not have SF with you if you are engaging in that act with anyone else.
I will not share a bed with you until you move back home.
I will not attend family functions and pretend that everything is okay when it is not.


Yours were not personal boundaries... they were demands and really you are not in a place that you can demand anything except for respect of your boundaries.