YOu really need to stop judging him... perhaps he is busy or unavailable...perhaps he is feeling low. You are VERY judgemental for someone that just had an A. This is a concern to me. Relax on your H... HE has had his life ripped out from under him and must be reeling right now. YOu should be worried and concerned for him...and stop judging him so much.


Being a good parent is a #1 priority whether one has had his life ripped out from under him or not. I know that he is at a St. Patty's Day event at a local bar, which is why I am so upset that he isn't taking her calls. Drinking with your pals and/or OW is not more important than taking your DD's calls. Sorry if that comes across as judgmental, but those are just my standards for being a parent NO MATTER WHAT else is going on in one's life.