Well, I wasn't sure if you were saying those things or not. But while I think it is okay to vent, it is also important to control those feelings because eventually or subconsciously your feelings will be made known through your actions or attitude.

I sincerely am in your corner on this. It may not seem like it at times due to my calling you on certain behaviors or words... but I do hope your family stays intact. I think your H is a very wounded person right now and feel bad for him...it almost seems like he is in self destruct mode with certain things. Because we are only getting one side of things here, it is tough to tell the depth of his drinking or his state of mind. I do believe that if he has just made the decision that he doesn't want to be married to someone that would do that to him, that he has a right to make that call for his own mental well being. But I would hope that he decides that his daughter growing up in an intact family would be enough to motivate him exploring recovery.
It would be great if you could get him to come here and talk to some of us BS that have been in his shoes. We could also get his impression of things which is vitally important. He will see some success stories here that resulted in recovery as well as some success stories that resulted in divorce. Not every M is worth saving IMO. But with few exceptions, they are at least worth gaining the knowledge of what recovery looks like.