BTW - we had dinner with his parents last night ... it was a little awkward. His mom definitely noticed something was wrong. After DD went to bed, we got to talk. I expressed my remorse and promised to let it reflect in my actions (unlike earlier that day). We slept together last night. I asked if he was sleeping with anyone else - he promised he wasn't and looked me square in the eyes ... I almost feel stupid for believing him.

He will be home until Thursday when he goes out of town again. I am going to spend the week completely enthralled in showing remorse, regret, love, affection, admiration, etc. I don't know what else I can do ... he talks like its already over, but then says he needs time to think about things. He says we can't have SF, but we haven't gone a week without it. He says I have no place in his life, but then makes a point to be a part of mine.