MEDC - you are so right (as usual)! I did get to kick myself - but it felt good (odd, right?). With your help, I am beginning to recognize these things to improve.

I found out that my H talked to the OMs W today, so I think that had a little something to do with his mood. When I came home from work today, he was much nicer. I think he was trying to get to me a couple of times, but I wouldn't let him.

1. His brother-in-law called the house and we missed the call. I told H that he had called and he wondered how we missed the call. I told him we were talking and didn't get to the phone in time. He started to get upset b/c he needed to talk to him. So I immediately apologized for inconveniencing him. His response? "Don't apologize for it - you didn't do anything wrong. What were we talking about anyway?"
2. He said he might not come home tonight. I would normally pout and carry on about it. Tonight, I told him that it was his choice and asked him to please leave the car seat with me in case he wasn't home in time to take DD to school tomorrow. He asked if I was telling him not to come home. I told him that I always want him here and that I look forward to waking up next to him when he is here.
3. When he left tonight, I waved good-bye and smiled. He called to ask why I gave a dirty look (I really didn't). I explained that the look wasn't dirty ... I was just thinking about how good he looked in his new sunglasses. He responded with something along the lines of "This is why things are so difficult. Now I have to go to work wanting you."

I think I'm getting the hang of this. We'll see.