He came home just before 6am. Text messaged me saying he was on his way. I sent one back saying DD didn't have to get up for another hour, he said "i know". I told him that I would have taken her to school. He said "I was trying to prove a point that when I say I'm going to do something, I will. I am responsible." I told him that he proved that he was responsible a long time ago. When he got home he asked if I understood - I told him I did. (Watch out - prob an LB coming!) I also told him that I knew he was responsible and he didn't have to prove that to me, maybe he needed to prove it to himself? Or maybe it was about proving he could come and go as he pleases? He said that wasn't it ... I said ok. We got along the rest of the morning.

Until now ... he just called wondering if I had talked to his mom b/c she called and demanded that he come over asap to talk. He didn't sleep much last night and is really upset that his schedule has been interrupted (his words, not mine). So, he is now in a bad mood, is over women (again, his words) and taking it out on me (understandable). I simply apologized that he was already having a rough day. The lack of sleep on both our parts isn't making our situation any easier. In the meantime, I am trying really hard to be patient, forgiving, and understanding.

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