Yeah - he doesn't know I'm snooping. My 2 closest friends know, and MB - that's it.

He talks to her on the phone A LOT! They myspace each other too. I know that the 1st night he didn't come home, they were together (in a group). I know that each other night that he hasn't come home they were spending time together (in a group). I know that he spent at least part of our anniversary with her. There's only 1 night in question, but he called her 2x that night and I have no proof he stayed where he said he did. I know that he puts his arm around her waist when he whispers in her ear. I know that he thinks she's hot. I know who she is and we have met before. I have printed out everything ... phone records, emails, etc. I have about 1.5" of proof. No denying there is at least something emotional there.

He comes home next Sat. night and is here Sun. We both go out of town Mon. - he is back on the road, and I am taking DD on vacation (a much needed one). Then we will see each other again on Easter and he is in town that whole week. He's basically in town 1 week/month.

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