you do need to set a time limit. dr. harly suggests 6 months. but that limit will depend on you and what youre capable of handling. it is also partially dependent upon how much time you are willing to give him to be ok with what happened - how long do you think it should take for him to "get over it"? technically, i dont think he will Ever get over it, it will just have less and less impact as time passes and you two have more good times together.

my sitch isnt so bad as far as we have more good days than bad bc i choose to be secretive and let him think that i believe him when he lies to me. thats my plan a - be good, have fun and absolutely no lb. the lb in my case is to bring it up bc it leads to an argument - always.

my timeline is dependent upon the D laws in my state and what i expect to get out of this if D happens which depends on length of M...

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