"get over it" was harsh. what i mean is... HE needs to be ok with his decision to say "ok, im going to try or thats it, im done"... how much time do you think he needs to make that decision? when in doubt, put his shoes on... how long would it take for you to decide if this was turned around?

**you are making it harder for him to say im done with your plan a** remember that!

mb people would be a lot harder on you than i am being. they would tell you to expose his relationship with OW NOW and demand NC NOW. they would not allow him to go out and do as he pleases, they would not allow him to go out of town, they would make him change jobs. these are all options you have. think about it and make a decision based on what you can handle and your specific situation. sometimes people come here and are told EXPOSE RIGHT NOW OR ELSE and they do it without thinking. i want you to think before you act (which you already do). your relationship is vulnerable right now bc of what you did and it is made more vulnerable by what he is doing. i dont know your H well enough to have an idea of what he might do if you expose. you do not want his EA with OW to culminate to PA. i am a lot less agressive bc of what i am going through and i believe that in my corner of the world - i have time to do what i need to do - prepare.

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