You could expose his A, and really that might be the best plan. However, if he is calling you every day and his discussions with you are starting to change in positive ways, then perhaps you should wait abit.

Normally, I would say expose, expose,expose. But, the problem is he is recovering from you A. It has only been three months and in recovery that is a very short time. I think you should discuss his A, but pointing out, that it makes it very hard for you to hang on to things given the damage you have done, and the damage he is doing.

The road to recovery is narrow, and narrowed even more when both have betrayed one another. It would make sense that everyone would be of kinder heart, and that will happen when his A ends and if he decides to try and work on the marriage.

Patience and time are the watch words. And really you might want to consider going to plan B after you have done a great plan A. Have you read up on it? Are you prepared for a plan B? Do you really understand it's purpose?

Please get yourself primed.

God Bless,