Have a question for you from one of your quotes.

It was discovered 2 months ago and ended immediately. I was actually trying to end it for a month before my H found out ... but I didn't. I was sucked into the fog - yuck, I despise who I was then. Have been in NC since the day the A was discovered [and will remain that way].

Would your A have ended on its own by now ? or was it ended after exposure to your H.

Something to think about and perhaps H has a different perspective.

Exposure IMHO may fall on deaf ears to those that know about ur A. Right now - dont you have MIL in ur corner?

Either way - I would think about the exposure list carefully.

W: 52
Married: 32 yrs
2 Sons (29 & 23)
1 Dtr (20)
1 GDtr (2.5) precious little girl