Good that you called in. Listen to Longhorn .... there is good stuff written by Longhorn. I appreciate the different angle of contacting the OW.
fyi - I am not a 'pro' - just a rookie but long time lurker. I was drawn in because this sitch has a lot of pain on both sides. Your DD is worth the effort of saving your M - to have both loving parents.

BTW - I am sure it has been addressed but the travel schedule has to be modified one day. I use to travel across the country and overseas for 29 weeks per year. Most times I was always home during the weekend for our dates. This extra effort still almost cost my M. Together time can never to replaced - the burden and vulnerabilities are not woth the risk.

Since I travel very little now, we have grown in love together but it has taken almost took 2 yrs of non-travel to get back what was lost. Not worth it.

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