Well, he just called my cell. We were eating dinner and didn't notice. Had DD phone him back from house. We spoke. He stated he was afraid I was keeping DD from talking to him ... told him I would never do that. Small talk for a bit followed by him saying he was still upset about this morning. I apologized for the angry outburst only. He said that wasn't what he's upset about - he's upset that I listened to other people and presumed to know his feelings. I explained that I didn't presume to know his feelings; I only expressed my concern for what I thought his feelings could be. He told me that I need to keep in mind that the people that I'm surrounding myself with have a vendetta against him (not true - they are for our M, not one or the other of us). Said he would call later.

What now?

P.S. Notice he didn't deny his feelings. And his voice sounded rather deflated on the phone.

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