My WW had the exact same modus.

first person she called in the morning, last person she called at night.

10 text messages a day.

Calls him after every conversation with me.

Very unnerving.

Further snooping (voice recorder in the car) revealed that the affair was physical. I would put money that if you snooped deeper, you will discover the same.

They never admitted it, even when I had the recordings as evidence. Took her female friend that was also indicated in the recordings, having an affair of her own, to call me and "come clean".

My ww followed suit after. The cat was out of the bag.

Any chance of hiring a Private Investigator to get that concrete evidence if you aren't up to doing the task yourself?

I can tell you that finding out the truth helped me a lot emotionally. Nothing but lies from the waywards. Snooping gives you closure on the truth and definitely rattles the cage of the affair.

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