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Advice from radio:

So, I called in to the MB radio show and got Dr. Harley's advice. Dr. H said that we need to begin to address the reasons for my A TOGETHER (not just me in IC). He said that because of the steps I've taken following my A, H's only reason for his A is revenge (insignificant relationship). He suggested that I call OW to confront and point-blank ask ... I don't know that I can do that (and I think she'd lie). When he gets back in town, we need to have a talk.

The festival you mentioned might be the best time to confront OW - if you feel uncomfortable by phone. IMO - bring DD - sends a bigger msg to OW and WH.

In my sitch - my sons (23 & 17 at the time) confronted OM and their Mom before I got my crap together. They hv never mentioned it to me but am proud of them for standing up for our family.

There will be a time (perhaps it is now) that you will have to fight for your and DD family.

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Married: 32 yrs
2 Sons (29 & 23)
1 Dtr (20)
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