After confronting him about OW, I felt a HUGE sense of relief! I have a new attitude: I want him in my life (only as H not WH), but I don't need him. So, Plan A has been fun the last couple of days.

I am a better version of the Me when we were dating - nice, peppy and fun to talk to ... not boring, drab, and hanging on his every word. Now I get off the phone first - this has confused him I'm sure (he usually ends the conversation). He sounds so startled that I'm ending the conversation and has now taken to asking if he can call me later. My response? "If you want to call later, you can. Your calls are always welcome." Everything said is said with a smile (no, not a smirk) that I'm certain can be heard on the other end of the line.

I'm so proud of myself for FINALLY realizing that I'll be ok on my own. Don't get me wrong - I still want my M to work out, I really do. And I am still willing to do what it takes to save my M. But right now, I need to just work on me ... and not sit around pining for a WH.