I don't know the individuals you'll be speaking to, TFC, so it's impossible to give you a script. It wouldn't do any good anyway because such conversations take on a life of their own after the first few words. The important things are to know your subject matter intimately and then just take a deep breath, open your mouth and start talking. When you do that, the hard part's over. It's like that first day in school back in first grade. Once you started the first small conversation with that young person next to you, the "mountain" became a mole hill, right? Once you do this thing, it becomes a mole hill too.

Good on you. Stay with Steve H's advice. He can get an astounding information from you in a few minutes of telephone conversation and can give you personalized advice.

After exposure, time slows down a little for you. You have time to read Not "Just Friends"and anything else you want to. You do a great Plan A (including setting a time limit for it) and start formulating a Plan B.

Please read Pepperband's "Carrot and Stick of Plan A" thread as soon as you can and remember Plan A is really all about you and making you the person you've always wanted to be. Typically, Plan A folks begin working out to tone up their bodies, they take classes in those subjects they've always wanted to, read the classics they've always meant to, etc., etc. To my mind, Plan A, is a phase that works on the mind of the wayward one and shows them what they're taking a chance on losing. It's also during this phase you learn (perhaps anew) about patience...because it seems like nothing is happening and it goes on "forever."

Stay with it, TFC, and don't forget we're here with you. Bearing in mind you need your anonymity, let us know what Steve H has to say, okay?