You are making assumptions. Do you know how old those pictures might be? OW #2 could be out of the picture or she could not.

My point??? Don't work off of assumptions. What you do know is that your H has had or is having inappropriate interactions with this woman, and you have the proof.

We could speculate that he is doing this to let you know how he felt/feels. It might be true, it might now. In my mind it makes little difference.

Here is something to consider. Normally, recovery or even getting into recovery can take 3 months or more. You are just at three months. It sounds as if your Plan A is working. Why do I say this? You have him confused. He is asking why are you "nice" to him. He is thinking about you, and it is in good terms based on your plan A actions.

Recovery starts when the spouses start thinking about one another again. You are thinking about him now instead of OM. He has OW #1 or #2 or both on his mind, BUT he has on his mind what you DID to him, AND..... what you are doing now.

Can you see the conflict? Conflict is good TFC. It makes him think and address things that are hurting him. I will take you at your word about his normal moral approach to marriage and his vows. I am guessing that the only way to justify his behavior with the OWs is to state to himself that the marriage over. He justifies this by thinking about what you did to him with your affair, and that hurts. THEN, he thinks about what you are doing, and it does not hurt, it makes him feel good even if he doesn't seem to be responding.

Girl the man is NOW offically confused. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> You need to keep him confused and show him that YOU are worth the risk, and to him coming back will be a huge risk.

You can do as you wish, exposing to in-laws is probably going to put a damper on the A he is in because it reminds him he is married and he is cheating.

I would say keep plan A going. You have PROOF that the affair is/was going on, but you knew that already. So nothing has changed except that you do know for sure now. Relax, you now know what you are dealing with, before you were still a bit unsure.

I think you should continue plan A for awhile. 6 months seems to be a milestone for some reason, sometimes 1 year is as well. Who knows what may happen when he hits 6 months if you are still in the game.

Please think about it.

God Bless,