Oh! And, over vacation I talked to the girl from the pics. Get this ... SHE'S AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER!!! Nice. I want that kind of woman teaching my DD.

Sort of the way I feel about any wayward and their involvement with kids. My ex used to get up in the morning... leave her "friend" and go to teach Sunday school.

Glad you read the books. Sounds like you have been doing a lot to work on you.

As far as your H being foggy... I just don't see it in his actions or words. Sounds to me like he is hurt and not sure that he wants to be back home or not. It is a big decision for him since getting back with you means he will need to confront his lack of trust in you and deal with his feelings regarding your infidelity. Sometimes it is just easier to walk away. Keep working on you and hopefully he comes around.