So, the messages I get are mixed - pretty common, I'm sure. He does nice things here and there that give me hope, but then I find out stuff like this. I keep wondering if I should just let him go, but then something [higher power maybe?] tells me to hang in there and keep trying.

I asked him out for this Friday night ... he said "probably". Followed by "The physical aspect of our marriage has never been an issue. We've always joked that our marriage was based on sex, but that's not really a marriage. The other side of things is just weird right now." I responded with understanding, but also let him know that M takes work ... especially the emotional side. I explained that I had asked about Friday so that we could spend more time together, this would help in working on that other side of things. But things are awkward between us at times, and I don't know how to get past that uncomfortable silence.

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