Hi there, time...
I was in the same situation as your husband. I had a revenge affair, and my husband ended it by snooping and confronting me.

I was SO MAD at him for reading my email and "shedding light" on my behavior. I felt entitled to have an affair, to have some happiness in my life. After all, I deserved it, right?

Wrong. My husband did the right thing; I see that now. He saved me from making a huge mistake and now I'm grateful to him. It took a long time for me to see this. My husband was patient, and doing a perfect Plan A (he didn't know about MB, he was just doing what he felt was right) while I was in withdrawal. I have a lot of respect for him now, looking back at that awful year.

You can do this. You did the right thing; your husband will see that with time. I know it's hard right now- try to keep faith and it will get better.


Me: 45
Him: 47
married 23 years
Two wonderful sons
D-day for my EA: 8/15/04
D-day for his PAs: 8/16/06