We are on a good path here and I don't want to ruin it. I agree with you - those things are best discussed with SH. (And we are discussing when to set up a next appt tonight.)

As far as the email - he did open it, but did not respond. I appreciate him protecting me from its contents, however. He's been honest about the more important things, and has been willing to meet my ENs ... that is probably far more important than telling me about an email that he didn't bother to respond to.

We have actually been able to joke a little bit about each others As ... sick as it sounds. When we were thinking of names for the new puppy yesterday, we each suggested OPs name and laughed it off and said some insult about OP. Seems mean and kinda immature, but I think it shows that we are beginning to be on the same team again ... becoming an "US"!