To me, codependency isn't a very attractive state in a relationship. I feel that when one depends upon one's spouse for all emotional feedback and motivation, then that individual (and the relationship) is really terribly vulnerable. I don’t think that’s what your husband means though. I don’t see that kind of relationship in what you’ve written.

With just your few words to go on, I'd be more inclined to say he's rediscovering you two fit together as well as two pieces in a puzzle...and he's making sure you understand it shouldn’t devolve into something less healthy. It could be he’s doing some soul searching and wants to see how you feel about things that are coming up in that search…perhaps something like, “Do we love each other too much?”

So far as I’m concerned, instead of codependency, much better foundations for a marriage are a good partnership, communication such as you’re reestablishing with your husband, and lots of quality time together. Seems to me that’s what both of you are working toward. Way to go.