I guess I should read a little on codependency ... I don't see emotional bullying in us either, but it doesn't hurt to know a little bit more about it.

We have been so much better about communicating with one another lately. This is what I wish we'd had in our M all along! I think I mentioned before that I think he's read my EN questionnaire, but I didn't leave the LBQ out for him. So, I've been sure to lovingly mention when he does something that constitutes a LB for me. And he does the same for me ... except he says something more like "um, that drives me crazy". He doesn't mean it to be ugly to me and he doesn't say it in a hateful tone, so I don't call it a LB when he does. (LOL)

Today, however, I got this icky feeling that maybe he is still talking to the OW but hiding it really well. I know I should just try to have a little faith. After all, I'm still checking up on him and there's no proof of any communication between them or any A friends. So ... probably just a bad day?