His job absolutely requires travel, there is no way around it. He has worked so hard to get where he is and he is so great at what he does - I won't ask him to change jobs, I don't want to. I married him knowing that he would travel a great deal.

I just talked to H ... he seems a little down, understandable. And he only got 3 hours of sleep. To top it off, the a**hole saw that my H is going to be in the same state again tonight, so he told H he was going to drive the 3 hours to see H. Why doesn't H tell him to f*** off? I think it is really mean of the jerk to keep doing this! And H was upset that when he talked to xOMxW yesterday, she didn't tell him that xOM would be in the same city as H. He felt this was mean on her part.

I really want to show him that I am on his team for the rest of our lives. I really want to rid our lives of these 2 people. I believe that they are trying to cause problems in our M because they chose to D.

What else can I do to show H that I will take a stand for this M no matter what? I want him to see that no matter how tough things get, I will be a devoted and faithful wife!