H has been back in town for a couple of days before going on a long trip. I was hoping that we would be feeling closer than ever, but instead he keeps reminding me that we are "just friends" and I am to have no expectations of him. I haven't really tried to have expectations, but he has set a pattern of making an effort at the M for the last few weeks, so I was thinking that was the path we were headed down. So, maybe recovery isn't in our future?

He brought up that a while ago we had discussed re-evaluating things after school was out. This was actually not the agreement. At the time, he was dead-set on D, so I asked if he would just wait until after school was out to file the papers. Then, lately it hasn't seemed that we were going to get a D. But now, he says he is just waiting until after school is out to decide what is next for us.

Basically, I feel like he is in full control of our recovery - that it is at his pace and his discretion. Like if he feels like working on the M today, then we should. But if he doesn't, then we're "just friends". We really need to get back to SH for MC, but he won't agree to it yet.

I want for us to just go all-in on recovery, but he doesn't. I don't think it is healthy for us to put off recovery much longer ... what can I do to help things along? Or do I just sit back and wait while Plan A-ing until school is out?